Where Home is Truely Empowering
Together, we can help put an end to youth homelessness. Take the leap today and become a sponsor!
We are passionate about providing a safe, empowering environment for foster, probation and homeless youth. Together let’s keep them safe, while they craft their dreams.

About Us


Mission statement

W.H.I.T.E.’s Foundation
Inc. mission is to provide long term transitional housing,
emergency housing, sobriety and higher education learning customized to meet the
needs of at risk youth in the United States.
The Whites foundation home is an advocator for the abused, neglected, and
disadvantage youth. We strive to change the lives and impact the laws that don’t
support emancipated teens. Our home will empower change.

Our Plan

The W.H.I.T.E’s Foundation was founded in 2012 by
Roussell and Candace White, who are successful, foster parents of over 25 youth, social skills instructors, and teen advocators. Each day several youth are discharged from the foster system without direction and or guidance. These youth often live from one home to another trying to find their next meal or a bed to sleep on. Most emancipated youth become homeless sleeping in cars and in local parks within months after being discharged from a group home facility. The Whites foundation mission will directly connect foster and probation youth with the tools to empower them as citizens and individuals. We intend execute our goals with an arrangement of influential mentors which will include; emancipated foster youth, community leaders, and entrepreneurs united by the common drive to empower teens and young adults.

Our objectives are ambitious yet achievable, with our team and your support, we are certain to reach our targeted goals which are to provide a safe empowering environment for foster, probation and homeless youth.
Our business is currently in the start- up phase of operation with a few volunteers to serve the Orange County youth whom are experiencing inadequate living conditions. However; we have our long term ambitions set on impoverished neighborhoods throughout the U.S that has similar sociological characteristics as our current targeted

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