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Coming with household members – non-EU residents and their own families

The law that is polish the people of families to become listed on those people who are surviving in Poland lawfully, beneath the after conditions: the household user who you want to join will need a well balanced and regular earnings (514 PLN month-to-month for every single member of the family), medical insurance for every member of the family and proven accommodation.

Based on the Polish legislation, a relative could be a partner (just hitched because wedding may be the just formal relationship in Poland) or a young child, including those used. Additionally, this term involves several other people, but only when they prove a crucial intent behind stay. It might apply e.g. to an ex-spouse or perhaps a widow(er).

So that you can enter Poland, non-EU residents have to have a legitimate travel document ( ag e.g. passport) and either a visa or perhaps a residence card of another EU nation or, in many cases, they are able to enter in line with the visa-free motion. The length of the appropriate stay static in Poland is dependent on the document. More in depth home elevators the entry conditions is described into the section that is previous. Prior to the amount of the legal stay passes, one requirements to legalise their further stay by getting the residence license (a synthetic card).

A office that is competent give the permit is really a Voivodship Office in the area where you stand living (there are 16 administrative regions called voivodeships).

Each member of the family has to give you the after documents:

  • 3 copies of a credit card applicatoin type – filled in in Polish,
  • 4 present photographs in color (size: 35 mm x 45 mm),
  • a val >The submitted papers may either be copies – the initial versions need to be presented – or formally certified copies (confirmed by a notary that is public without the necessity of presenting the originals. Papers in international languages need to be translated into Polish with a sworn (certified) translator. The documents is submitted in individual or by post. But, in the event that you deliver the papers by post, you’ll be expected to visit any office face-to-face to keep your finger marks.

The license is provided ukrainian mail order brides for a time period of minimum a couple of months and maximum three years with a chance of re-application. The re payment when it comes to residence card is 50 PLN.

The residence card entitles its holder to visit inside the Schengen area for a period of as much as 90 days counted within each period that is 180-day.


For people (aside from nationality) who’re perhaps not considered loved ones because of the law that is polish e.g. lovers, fiancйes), the process of legalizing their stay static in Poland is much more complicated. The problem comes from the fact – unlike in the event of family relations – both partners/fiancйes have to have a proof a well balanced and regular earnings and medical insurance. The partners need to sign a contract which states that an amount of money (benefit/allowance) will be paid monthly by the partner who is working in Poland to the partner/fiancйe coming with him/her if the partner/fiancйe does not work in Poland or has no other income. Based on the law that is polish the minimal monthly quantity is PLN 634. This agreement needs to be announced at a tax that is relevant and it is taxed in Poland (3%, 7% or 12% according to the quantity). But, in the event that quantity will not meet or exceed the yearly restriction of PLN 4900, it’s not taxed. The quantities may alter therefore focus on regulations that are new.

Both partners will be called by the Voivodship Office for two separate interviews in addition, in order to prove the credibility of the relationship. The officers ask various questions related to your life in Poland, place of stay or daily activities, etc during the interviews. In the event that you don’t talk Polish, you will need to include two translators, who are able to just be people you realize (e.g. someone from work or even a friend of yours).

Your decision on the residence license is given within 2-3 months, with regards to the situation. After finding a decision that is positive will get the residence card (paid additionally 50 PLN).